About Cheryl

1506042_1530624360598661_36292833729071472_nI am  a doctoral candidate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where I am writing my dissertation, tentatively titled “Redecorating Nature No More: Animal Rights Theory and the Imperative to Alleviate Ecological Harms,” under the supervision of Dr. Alastair Norcross.

Previously, I studied at Colorado State University (CSU), where I obtained my MA in philosophy. At CSU, I focused primarily on issues within applied ethics, specifically environmental ethics, military ethics, and animal ethics. I wrote my Master’s thesis on the ethics of performing biomedical research on sentient beings, which was advised by renowned animal rights scholar, Dr. Bernard Rollin.

My research interests are first and foremost Animal Ethics, including how Animal Ethics intersects with Animal Theology, Animal Minds, and Animal Consciousness. I also pursue research in military ethics, bioethics, and environmental ethics. For a list of my peer-reviewed publications, click here. To read a very short sample of my work that addresses my deepest moral concern, click here.

In addition to being an animal rights scholar, I am a dedicated nonhuman animal rights activist. My preferred form of activism is centered upon moral education.