Upcoming Conferences and Presentations:

June 2014: International Society for Environmental Ehics
“When Helping Hurts”

June 2014: International Society for Environmental Ethics
Commentator on Josez Keulartz’s paper “An Ethics of Captivity for the Anthropocene: Zoos at a Crossroads”

August 2014: RoME (Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress)
Innocent Threats: the Search for Liability in the Defensive Killing of Nonhuman animals

Recent Conferences and Presentations:

April 2014:Buddhist and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives (Marquette University)
Commentator on Christian Coseru’s paper: “A Buddhist View of Cognitive

April 2014: Wisconsin Philosophical Associaton
“Comparing Lives: A Critique of Regan’s Lifeboat”

April 2014: American Philosophical Association (Pacific Meeting)
“Uprooting the Culture of Sexual Assault of the Armed Forces through a reevaluation of Combative Training”

November 2013: Bowling Green State University Workshop in Applied Philosophy
“The Problem of Dirty Paws”

October 2013: International Society of Military Ethics
“Sexual Assault in the Military: a Reevaluation of Character”

October 2013: Army Command and Staff College Ethics Symposium
“Sexual Assault in the Military: a Reevaluation of Character”

August 2013: RoME (Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress)
“Abortion and Animal Rights” (Poster)

June 2013: Critical Animal Studies Conference
“Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice: How to Encourage Concern for Animals in Christianity Today”

April 2013: Wisconsin Philosophical Association
“Nonhuman Animals, Cooperation, and Moral Considerability”

April 2013: Conversations Across the Humanities (Marquette University)
“Double Oppression in the United States Armed Forces: Overcoming Misogyny of Individuals and the Institution”

March 2013: Living with Animals (Eastern Kentucky Conference)
“Virtues and Animals: A Mean Between Excess and Deficiency”

February 2013: War and Peace as Liberal Arts (Gaede Institute at Westmount College)
“Assuming the Risk: On a Soldier’s Duty to Prevent Collateral Damage”

Febraury 2013: 5th Consciousness Online Conference
“Nonhuman Animals: Not, Necessarily, Saints or Sinners”

February 2013: Marquette University Brown Bag Discussion
“Abortion and Animal Rights”

October 2012: Guest Speaker for Animal Health and Wellness Group at Marquette University
“Philosophy and Animals”

July 2012: Minding Animals (University of Utrecht)
“The Problem of Dirty Paws” (Paper Presentation)
“Virtues and Animals” (Poster Presentation)
“Nonhuman Animals: Neither Saints nor Sinners” (Poster presentation)

May 2012: Milwaukee Area Women of Philosophy
“Assuming the Risk: A Critical Analysis of a Soldier’s Duty to Prevent Collateral Damage”

April 2012: 38th Conference on Value Inquiry (Salem State)
“Nonhuman Animals: Neither Saints nor Sinners”

November 2011: Marquette University Graduate Colloquium Lecture Series
“Why God Gave Us Animals and Not Machines: An Argument for Vegetarianism from a Catholic Perspective”

September 2011: University of Manchester Political Theory Conference (University of Manchester)
“Biomedical Research on Prisoners: An Alternative to Animal Testing”

February 2011: Skepticamp Colorado (Colorado State University)
“The Arduous Road to Veganism: The Invaluable Rewards of a Challenging Lifestyle”

RoME 2013

RoME 2013

Minding Animals, 2012